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How to Solve Error HRESULT 0xc8000222 Windows 7


How to Solve Error HRESULT 0xc8000222 Windows 7 

How to Solve Error HRESULT 0xc8000222 Windows 7 - Before posting I also have this problem, error out when it would install. Net Framework 4 on Windows 7 can install the new Feedback os windows 7 so rather katrok first time there is a problem that often arises when you want to install a variety of applications / software as well as programmers work program on the computer game after DirectX 11 technology diselediki investigated and it turns out the answer is because of the many types of applications being developed today for a specific version of a windows platform and to run on the latest version of the platform itself so can be customized and updated according to user needs and device computer, not an error that can not be solved, but just not compatible because different versions of program components in the Windows Operating System or Software Drivers computer and can not be separated again how the devices are used suport or not depends specifications of latest computer technology today.
If you come across a similar problem with my install about my trouble. Net framework now do not need to bother, anxiety and so much less think to reinstall the computer. Many of why can be found solving the problems associated software can not install dikompi very easy to find, here as the author so it was counted for experience and also post updates here are the steps that should be applied.

    Open a command prompt as an administrator, I click Start -> Accessories -> right click on cmd -> Run as Administrator (not as a user)
    In the cmd screen type "net stop wuauserv" + Enter (without the quotes)
    Let cmd follow-resistant keyboard running windows + R cmd in the text box type "% windir%" (without the quotes)
    On page windows explore locate the folder "SoftwareDistribution" rename Rdold, Sdold or any free (as a sign only)
    Back on screen last cmd as Admin and type "net start wuauserv" Install now. Net Framework 4 on Windows 7

For those who may not yet exist Framework 4 here Download. Net Framework 4 SKIP button to download it yes and after downloading follow the steps as above. Please note! for you may be new to this or can install new windows xp, windows 7 etc or even just have a computer with the latest technology which has high spec, every time you want to install the program any game or program is good learning material if it fails to install it the first read Error notification before her why what, do not play close aja hehe goal though easy to solve related problems that occur on a computer without reinstall your computer (if possible) that much ok first just good luck yours respectfully!
How to Solve Error HRESULT 0xc8000222 Windows 7 Windows 7
hresult 0xc8000222